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CEO Narrative:

The accompanying video describes Earth Sense Energy(ESE) as a company and it's commercialization model. The CEO narrates a description of this revolutionary dedicated energy crop and it's introduction into the USA as an alternative to fossil fuels for power generation, solid and liquid fuel production, biopolymer feedstock and residential heating. ESE will plant dedicated energy crops of specific varieties to optimize the growing conditions and yields for the specific crop. Our team of industry professionals will work from horticulture, to farming, to conversion and distribution to each and every customer in the USA, in the EU and Asia. It is our goal to make certain that everyone in the value chain enjoys a profit growing these crops and ESE will provide advisory and management services to assist each of them achieve this goal.


CEO Narrative



What is Miscanthus:

A University researcher describes Miscanthus X Giganteus(MXG) and it's farming attributes and commercial application as an alternative energy crop. While MXG is our crop of focus for biomass, it has different genetics choices which are applicable to growing zones and latitudes. A small plant will always be a better choice, weather permitting, because of 100% field establishment at precise spacing, but has a tender root system which may affect plant survival in colder climates. Rhizomes may be preferred in colder climates, as the can withstand harsher cold temperatures. Note, rhizomes are also grown in favorable climates for multiplication of stock in a mother-stock field and eventually in cane farming. ESE will determine the best genetic materials and offer agronomy consultation throughout the growing seasons. In certain climates, like sub-tropical and tropical, other dedicated energy crops may be recommended, like Giant King Grass, Reed Canary Grass, Arundo Donax or Napier Grass.

Illinois - Miscanthus Research



Miscanthus to Ethanol:

University researchers at the University of Illinois and University of California, Berkeley discuss the growing areas and growing characteristics of MXG. Planting densities using rhizomes for planting stock are described. Comparisons of ethanol from corn and Miscanthus are discussed. Technology for the conversion of dedicated energy crops to liquid fuel, such as green gasoline or ethanol has been commercialized. The use of pyrolysis and cellulosic ethanol technology has advanced the conversion of cellulose to liquid fuel.

America's Heartland


Iowa State University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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