Automated Greenhouse and Nursery


Earth Sense Energy USA has access to advanced automation greenhouse technology for itís use in the USA. This technology is unsurpassed in the world for the production of small plants. This technology will reduce unskilled labor cost by 75% in the greenhouse/nursery production facilities. This technology will create skilled jobs to supplant unskilled jobs, but at a higher pay scale. This technology also reduces the error factor caused by human judgment. Some of this technology will be improved with the addition of superior component technology discovered by our senior management team with over 100 years of collective experience in the greenhouse/nursery industry

 Automated greenhouse/nursery


Credit: Boomaroo Nursery



Automated Field Transplanting


Earth Sense Energy USA has researched internationally for the most advanced technology in the world for field transplanting of small plants on the farm. After 20 years of experience with semi-automatic machines with grippers and carousals and numerous trials with other automatic transplanting technology, ESE narrowed itís choices down to two manufacturers. These technologies will plant 50% more plant material with 20% less labor. Unskilled jobs will be replaced with semi-skilled jobs with higher pay. Because of the volume of field planting required year-round and corresponding automation, similar amounts of workers will be required, but at a higher pay scale.

Agronomy Services

Earth Sense Energy USA has a team of talented farming professionals that will manage the establishment of dedicated energy crops anywhere in the world. We will recommend the most desirable crop for the climate, locate the genetics, manage the tissue culture, mother stock and farming aspects of the crop, whilst training resident country staff to fulfill those duties going forward. We will also recommend conversion technology and assist locating the EPC to manage the installation of the technology.

Automated field transplanter


 Credit: Transplant Systems